Bend Waves and Grunge Girl Waves – Let’s Do This

By: lakotaroom - Published on April 17th, 2020

Our gal Logan has been killing it with all of her how-to videos! So we decided to blog about two of them that we know you will LOVE! They are easy and totally doable.

Bend waves are very similar to beach waves, they are just a little bit looser and have a little more of a bed head kind of feel.  Don’t worry too much if you don’t get the technique down right away, this look is supposed to look messy and undone.


Logan’s Grunge Girl waves are all the rage!  They are even less structured than a bend wave.  She also teaches you how to get this look with a straightener!  A classic straightener has more versatility than people think.  Watch Logan as you get to learn this “cool” girl ‘do.


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