Stylist Spotlight – Sarah shares her courageous journey to being a hair stylist

By: lakotaroom - Published on May 3rd, 2020


In the beginning…

I always hated it when people asked me to talk about myself. I always found it hard and never knew what to say, but I’ll start here and tell you guys about my journey.

I was one of those people that never really knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It was so frustrating, because in high school it seemed like you should already know. Then you can plan out your courses for the next 4 years. It was when I was 17 years old when I really started to struggle – mentally.

I was in an unhealthy state of mind which later turned into something I’d never thought I’d get to – suicide. It’s such a scary thought to even fathom now. It happens so easily and fast when you go down that rabbit hole. I used to cry almost every day. Try things that would just end it right then and there, or research what could kill me and what couldn’t. It was extremely hard to tell anyone, because it became so routine to feel so sad all the time. By the time anyone would ask me “why?”, I couldn’t give them an answer. Anyone can just point fingers and say “well just don’t be sad, you were fine before” or “you’ll be fine, think of happier things.”  

When I look back at juggling high school with my emotions, now it just seems like organized chaos. I was soo good at hiding it. The best way for me to get better was just by listening to music and writing my feelings down everyday, it was not easy but I did it. 

Here Comes College

Fast forward, I graduated top of my class and enrolled into Sam Houston State University, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies. I loved college, not for the parties but for the freedom of not having to please anyone. I loved learning and was a total book worm! But there was just something missing from my life. I remember thinking to myself as I was sitting in my math class while the professor was going over different ways we can approach a problem to a 2nd grader, is this it for me? Is this what I have been waiting for – because I’m not satisfied. I enrolled in summer classes after my first year and I didn’t know why I was studying Calculus 3 or thermodynamics.

My Life Changing Decision

I then did one of the MOST impulsive things I had ever done in my life! I unenrolled a week before class and enrolled at Paul Mitchell the School that same day. I was terrified. Even though my parents are very far from being the traditional Asian parents, I still felt like I let them down. Maybe I wasn’t good enough for them. All of my sisters had big plans and I was the one that changed mine. 

I always had a massive passion for the beauty industry. I was always the so called “extra” one in my family! I got impatient with my mom when she wouldn’t put roller sets in my hair. So… I learned how to curl my own hair with a straightener at 7 years old. I would also sneak into my oldest sister’s room when she was out to put on her makeup! There was no stopping me when I was figuring out how to do something. I would watch hours of videos on YouTube; watching how to do all these different hairstyles or makeup looks. I knew I was ready for this new journey!

Hunting for my Salon Home

I met Angela and Will when I was 2 months into school, which was actually very early for me to be at a career fair. I immediately knew that this is a place for growth and acceptance and I wanted in! They told me that there wasn’t much that they could do for me since I just started, but to keep in touch. So I waited until they came back a few month later and went straight for their booth. I doubt that they remembered me, but I was soooo excited to see them again.

Eventually I emailed them about shadowing at the salon so I could see what their salon really was like. Let me tell you, it was muah PERFECT! As everyone knows, the salon is super cute (even cuter now) and the people there were amazing. I even got to learn by Angela’s side that day. I was suppose to stay for only for a few hours, but I stayed the whole day! Sorry Angela 😀  Previously I worked at a different salon for a VERY short amount of time, let’s just say it wasn’t a good fit value wise!

I had an interview with both Angela and Will on April 15th, and I was scared out of my mind. This was my first REAL interview, but luckily it went well. I sit back now and remember how I was and can’t help but laugh about it. Then the greatest day of my life came along… on May 7th I said “I do” to the best commitment in my entire existence. I GOT THE JOB! It was only on Saturdays until I graduated, but this was exciting! 

My experience here has been nothing but great. I’m not only growing as a hairstylist, but as a person. So many people tell me that I’ve changed and that I seem more sure of myself, and it’s true. I love who I am today, and I’m super grateful for the wonderful women that I work with who strive to see me grow. I cannot wait for what’s yet to come!


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Lakota Room Salon is a Transformative Salon Experience

Hey babes! We want to introduce you to our new addition to our girl gang, Logan Taylor ! 🥰 We wanted to formally introduce her before all the craziness happened, but you know life is unpredictable 😂 .
She’s crazy, mad talented at lived in looks and super cool vivids! You don’t want to miss out on this lady, she’s something special!💗

Click on Logan’s pic to follow her IG profile.

Here’s a little background story on life with Logan.

“I’m from a small town in Oklahoma and started out working at a salon while in college. Quickly figuring out I wanted to walk a different path, I enrolled in cosmetology school and never looked back! I’ve loved the hair industry the entire way, but knew I wanted something bigger out of my career. When my fiance made the move to Houston, my dog Tucker and I made the move as well! When I found Lakota Room, I knew there was something special about the salon and everyone in it. I love my girl gang!”
Three random facts about Logan that we think are pretty dang cool.
1. She LOVES video games.
2. She has NEVER been to a casino. (WHAT!???– we are thinking Vegas trip as soon as we can get there)
3. She has a long standing dream of opening a dog rescue.