Bend Waves and Grunge Girl Waves – Let’s Do This

By: lakotaroom - Published on April 17th, 2020

Our gal Logan has been killing it with all of her how-to videos! So we decided to blog about two of them that we know you will LOVE! They are easy and totally doable.

Bend waves are very similar to beach waves, they are just a little bit looser and have a little more of a bed head kind of feel.  Don’t worry too much if you don’t get the technique down right away, this look is supposed to look messy and undone.


Logan’s Grunge Girl waves are all the rage!  They are even less structured than a bend wave.  She also teaches you how to get this look with a straightener!  A classic straightener has more versatility than people think.  Watch Logan as you get to learn this “cool” girl ‘do.


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We are all practicing social distancing and staying at home.  That means it’s the perfect time for a scalp cleansing DETOX!

There are a ton of blogs and articles talking about skin care, body care and makeup.  But what about the scalp? It is just as important as the rest of our bodies!  Our scalp is actually prone to buildup, clogged pores and dead skin that can lead to dull hair and slow down hair growth.  WHO WANTS THAT!? Nobody!

Our recommendation is Amika’s Reset Pink Charcoal Scalp Cleansing Oil.  We perform this detox service in-salon.  But we actually sell the product as a take home treatment as well. We will perform the treatment before we start the service on dry scalp and hair.  We will let the cleansing oil sit and penetrate for 5-10 minutes.  Then we will add water, lather the cleansing oil, and finish off with the Amika foaming clarifying shampoo and gel conditioner.

The perfect trio for your scalp detox. Reset cleansing oil, clarifying gel shampoo and cooling gel conditioner

This is a great time to let your scalp detox and train it to stop overproducing oil.  When your scalp keeps getting stripped of it’s natural oils, it will then overproduce oil.  This is the reason for an oily scalp.  Many people think if you shampoo everyday, it will help while it actually makes the problem worse. Boo!

Try using this protocol and then let your scalp rest for 3 days.  If it starts getting super oily, throw it up in a messy top know (those are still appropriate). And if your hair is too short, try a halfie top know.  At our salon our short haired girls always wear a halfie top knot and it is CUTE!  On the last day if you can’t stand it anymore, throw on a hat!

Your scalp will totally thank you for the detox! Just like our skin and bodies do!

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