Getting Fit with our Pure Barre Gal and Owner Darby Akers

By: lakotaroom - Published on April 8th, 2020

We love to support our small business owner friends.  We believe we rise by lifting each other up, and we love our relationship with these wonderful ladies!

We wanted to take a deeper look into Darby’s journey to becoming a Pure Barre studio owner in the Houston Heights.  It’s an awesome story so READ ON!!

Owner Darby Akers

How did you get started in the fitness business? 

  • Originally, I emailed the previous owner because I wanted to just work the front desk! I loved the Pure Barre Heights community so much and just wanted some level of involvement. Little did I know, she needed to sell the studio, and asked if I was interested! Totally a whirlwind, but definitely one of God’s biggest blessings for me.

What are you most passionate about in your business?

  • Hands down, without a doubt, this community. I couldn’t be more thankful. The women that makeup this community are the soul of our studio. I have never experienced such support from both employees and clients as I am experiencing now. They drive me to be a stronger woman, a better leader, a more empathetic person, and definitely more adaptable. I am so passionate about these women, and I can’t wait to see them all again so soon!

Have you found your WHY since joining the fitness industry?

  • Totally. I never thought I would own a fitness studio. I graduated with a degree in Animal Sciences from LSU and began my adult career as a science teacher for middle schoolers. I definitely didn’t feel fulfilled and had no idea where my career was going. My why is this studio. My why is how can I serve the Lord daily through the gift of movement and fitness. Women of all types have gained something from Pure Barre the Heights – whether it’s physically, emotionally, or friendships. We truly are a community, not just a fitness space.

How is Pure Barre different from other fitness options?

  • Pure Barre is truly the only effective long term workout that is a low impact, high intensity, full body workout. The classes change consistently, so you never take the same class twice. We offer three different class types – Pure Barre Classic, Pure Empower (cardio-centric barre), and Pure Reform (resistance-based barre). Right now, we are offering 23 livestream classes a week, which our membership base has LOVED!

How do you like to get involved and engage with the community?

  • I truly love just being present in the studio. I love getting to know all of our members, about their families, jobs, or past times. I love spending time with my employees, in and out of the studio. I love teaching class, taking class, and organizing community events. We are all so different, but we all have a common love for Pure Barre. One of my favorite things to do to engage the community is by hosting wine nights or special events in the studios. Those are some of my favorite memories with my clients!

What is your background or what were you doing before you took over pure barre the heights?

  • Kinda answered above – but teaching! Not mentioned above – I had significant health issues and was diagnosed with a rare version of Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease. I have always been active. I ran cross country and played volleyball in high school. I worked out all through college. So when I was diagnosed and not allowed to run anymore, I was devastated. However, I had already been doing Pure Barre throughout all of this and I was loving the results. I was becoming leaner, stronger, and had more endurance with each class.

What does the future look like for pure barre once we are all back up an running after this crisis!?

  • I truly believe that not only us, but other small businesses will come back stronger! This too shall pass, and is only a temporary bump in the road that will make us stronger and smarter business owners!

We arent’ sure about you, but this story is SO INSPIRING. And one of the values we always knew we shared with Pure Barre is community.  You can’t do life or business without it.  We want to be a part of something doing great things.  Thank you SOO much for your transparency and sharing your story with us Darby!!! LOVE OUR PURE BARRE BESTIES!


Lakota Gang

Pure Barre Houston Heights is now offering LIVE streaming classes during the Covid-19 crisis.  Click the link to sign up and keep your mind and body healthy!! Move your body, exercise your mind.

The Pure Barre Family celebrating their 5th Birthday!