Happy Earth Day 2020!!

By: lakotaroom - Published on April 22nd, 2020

Happy Earth Day lovelies!

Today is a day to bring awareness to the health of our planet and the environmental impact we have on our planet. Good and bad.

2020 Marks the 50th year of Earth Day! Which originally started back in 1970 to stop the industrial companies from polluting the air and causing massive health issues for the people. It’s evolved over time to join the world in helping create a cleaner and safer environment for the Earth and creatures that live on it, including us. During this time in, there have been multiple environments all over the world healing from the lack of human interaction. It’s our job to guide this planet into a clean and environmental-friendly future.  We have seen the difference in the past month!

How can we make a difference? Here are just a few options to help out!

Support brands that are trying to help the planet and eliminate their waste as much as possible. Amika is an awesome hair brand that is partnered with Green Circle Salons to help recycle all of their product packaging. (You can get your Amika products from our online store!)

CLICK HERE! (https://shoplakotaroomsalon.square.site/)

Thrift! Buying pre-owned or vintage clothes! Fast fashion is one of the hardest impacting industries on the planet and repurposing is a great and easy way to help our planet!

Re-useable shopping bags. You can find some awesome ones online that are cute and are a fantastic option to help reduce the use of plastic in stores!

Always be kind and positive about helping and making changes! No judgement on how you or anyone else does their part, just do whatever you can! Every little bit makes a difference.

Sustainably Yours,


Samantha Bryant
Lakota Room Stylist