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By: lakotaroom - Published on April 2nd, 2020

When I came into the industry, I didn’t quite know where to land–where I felt most at home. My hope for my new career was to learn and be mentored to do great work in a place that was obsessive about the guest experience as well as their craft as a hairstylist. A small dream to be surrounded by hair, fashion, music and well just good ole fun! My first salon experience was not a bad one necessarily, I just couldn’t seem to find anyone there that was SUPER passionate about hair. There’s nothing wrong with that, I just wanted something special. Me journey there lasted less than a year. I decided to move on and interviewed at other salons in the downtown area (I thought they might be a bit more fashion forward). After searching endlessly, I ultimately decided to do hair at people’s houses. I would go to their house where they invited their friends over and I did their hair. You see they made it their party, and I was there to be the icing on the cake, the cherry on top! I LOVED IT!

After sometime, I got lured back into the fashion industry and went to work for the clothing store Anthropologie. I LOVED that store and it’s sister store Free People even more. Those brands were so fascinating to me. They were different, driven by client experience, and fashion that was somehow just different. I met so many different people from all over the place and we all had our own fashion flair. I ended up taking over the Free People store in the Houston Galleria and I loved it.

Well about 3 months into that, I found out I was pregnant with our first child. It was something we were wanting for quite some time, but since it didn’t happen very fast I just poured myself into working (you see, I tend to do that). I realized that I wouldn’t have the kind of schedule that I thought would be conducive to having a small baby. So, I talked myself into becoming a stay at home mom – something I never saw myself doing. Everyone who knows me knows that.

Me with my first baby, Liam.


Me with Liam and our second baby, Ruby Rose in 2017.

Liam was born in May of 2012 and I jumped in head first like every new mom does! I made sure I was going to breastfeed for a year, make all of his food with a baby blender, never eat bad food again, not let him watch TV until he was 2, you know…. all the things that you like to put on yourself when your a mom. Well, about 3 months in, I wasn’t breastfeeding anymore (he was on formula), I put rice cereal in his bottle hoping he would sleep for more than two hours, and he definitely knew who Cat in the Hat was by then. The one thing we would always do is get outside and run. I would put him in that Bob and run and run and run.

After a few months of this, Will and I were wondering if there was something a bit deeper going on. Was it an extended version of the baby blues, life adjustment, or having a fussy baby? Let me tell you, I am NOT making that up about Liam being a fussy baby. Liam was a reincarnation of a grumpy old man. Always mad or sad. I tried so hard to figure it out, until I realized it was just the situation for now. After consulting with my doctor, I was told that I had postpartum anxiety.  It made me feel a little better after that appointment. It was like I finally knew something was wrong, and I wasn’t just different than other new moms on instagram.  I definitely took a social media break after that.

That led to me deciding that having some kind of job and fulfillment outside of our home was a good idea. My thought was to go back to Free People part time. Then Will suggested that I probably shouldn’t work for someone else. He suggested I just throw a salon chair upstairs and see what happens. If anyone knows Will, I wouldn’t say he’s the most spontaneous person. But this idea got me SUPER psyched. So within a week, I had turned our studio above our garage into a full blown salon. Two salon chairs, a shampoo bowl, color line, retail, and a bunch of grey paint on the walls. Oh yeah, and definitely a lot of bohemian decor.

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I loved to keep it light and whimsical!


Lakota Hair Salon Houston TX Haircut and Blowout

3 of us working away in 2015.


I knew what I wanted for my salon was different. Actually, I wanted it to be different from any other salon I had found so far. I dreamed of a salon that was comfortable, homey, inviting and FUN. I thought people should look forward to coming, and have such a good time, that they stayed even longer. They hung out, drank wine, made friends with other clients and stylists. Each client would leave feeling confident, lighter and like they had been to the best party ever!

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Here is our team right after our 7th Anniversary in September.


I already told a lot of my close friends what I was up to lately. So, the first day I went upstairs to start my new career, it was the start of something super special. I had NO idea what was in store for me.  

This was my beginning. And to be honest (and I love people who can be open and honest) I’ve been learning how to be a stylist, business owner, and leader every day since. And I’ve failed a lot. I have relied on an amazing community of people to push me to get better and not sacrifice my vision. That’s why I wanted to create a workplace where stylists felt empowered and confident. Where our clients can feel empowered and confident. A place where we can all keep growing together. Teams of amazing people from all walks of life! Women who can pick each other up as we are learning, push each other in the right direction, tell each other its ok if we are failing, and celebrate as we succeed! I mean really celebrate our wins!

So welcome to this place, to this salon, to this home. It is an amazing place because of the people – the team and our guests – who spend time here. I can’t wait for you to experience the Lakota Room.

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