Our Stylist Sam’s Extraordinary Journey into the Hair Industry

By: lakotaroom - Published on April 24th, 2020

Hey Friends! I’m Sam Bryant, one of the stylists here at Lakota Room Salon.  I just wanted to share my journey into hairdressing with you so we can get to know each other a little better!

Falling in Love with a Dream

I basically knew I’ve wanted to do hair since I was in high school. Something about it drew me in. I loved the types of people that did hair. They were always smiling and seemed to love their jobs. I couldn’t help but want that too!

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Sam doing what she loves!

I played around with my hair a lot and loved to change up my cut! Fast forward to the first semester after high school. I had a new pixie haircut, and I had enrolled in cosmetology school. I was beyond excited to get started! The hardest thing for me though, was I was living on my own. I was paying rent and bills. Now having to pay for my school out of pocket was beginning to weigh heavily on me.

My dreams were drifting further away

I was attending school full time during the day, and working as a server in a bar at night. I can remember how exhausting it all was now. It’s crazy to think about how long I did it. Things were working out great for a while, until finally my two worlds, work and school, starting to collide. I began to party after I would get off at 2 am. NOT SMART AT ALL.  With partying comes drinking ,drugs and never enough sleep. I wasn’t waking up on time for class because I got home late the night before. This lead me to dropping one of my classes and retake it the next semester.  The same thing happened again the next semester. I had to drop the SAME CLASS. I put making money in a bar,partying and bad relationships before my passion and what really mattered most to me.

I ended up dropping out of school for nearly 3 years. I moved out of state and battled with an abusive and drugged filled relationship. This relationship had me in a terrible place in life. I remember constantly thinking about doing hair. My mind wondering how I had gotten so far off the path of that dream. I finally got fed up with that life, packed up and moved back home to Texas. My new thought was to start all over sober and get back to what I really wanted to be doing. But moving back didn’t mean I could just get back to hair right away. I had to work as a server again to pay off previous class debt from school.

A Big Life Changing Surprise!

Well in that time, I ended up pregnant with my son. I always say that he changed it all for me. Since the moment I found out I was pregnant, I busted my ass to make as much money as possible and get back into school! I only had 2 classes to take to get my license. I was able to finish just in time before having my son. 5 weeks before to be exact.

Sam with her son ,Gage.

After having my son, and getting my new cosmetology license I couldn’t wait to get started in my new career! Well, so I thought. Sadly, things did not work out between my sons father and I, and I ended up as a single mom with a home and a son to provide for. So, back to bartending. Geez I couldn’t seem to get away from it. The more I bartended, the further I felt from getting to do hair. After a year, I finally walked away from bartending and moved in with my parents. The first time since I was 17, so that I could try to start working in a salon and support myself doing hair.

I was able to get to work at a few salons, until I finally landed at my salon home now.  I feels so blessed to be here. Having worked in multiple salons, self teaching myself most of the way because I never had a mentor, I saw a lot of the good and ugly of the industry.  So, when I found Lakota Room Salon, it was like a heaven sent. I was finally in a place that aligned with my values and I felt I could truly grow to as a stylist and reach my goals and catch my dreams!

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Sam prepping hair for a photoshoot

In less than a year being here, I was able to get to a place where I could afford to financially support my little family doing what I absolutely love. Life sometimes is constantly throwing you curve balls, but always remembering that this is my dream and I’m going to keep chasing it no matter what, keeps me pushing past all the hardships.

Thanks for reading and listening to my story.  I hope it gives you some insight into me and my life as a mom and stylist!


Lakota Room Stylist

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