Plant-based skincare company skoah makes a splash in Houston’s Oak Forest neighborhood

By: lakotaroom - Published on April 20th, 2020

If you have been looking for a facial specialist that uses CLEAN and PLANT-BASED products, we have found it!


There’s a new skincare place in town called skoah. Owned by skincare guru Lauri Stufflebeme, skoah originated in Canada and she brought this gem all the way to the Oakforest community right outside of the Houston Heights.  We wanted to get to know just a little more about Lauri and her journey to becoming a small business owner. Read on!


Skoah owner Lauri Stufflebeme

How did you get into the skincare business?

I’m actually new to the skin care business, but have fundamentally
understood skincare for a long time. I am definitely a self-proclaimed skin
care enthusiast. While looking for a second career opportunity, I knew that
I wanted to do something in the health and wellness space. I fell in love
with the simple, clean concepts of skoah’s business model and I completely
resonated with the core values of the brand. I also loved that it is an
emerging Canadian brand in the US with only two other facial shops in Boston
and Seattle. It’s set to expand throughout the US.

What are you most passionate about in your business? 

My customers! Nothing pleases me more than hearing how my customers enjoyed
their experience, how great their skin feels and how much it has improved
over time. The busy working women and moms who just need to relax and have a
few minutes of personal time to themselves, I hear them and I love to help
them unwind and leave feeling great from the skin in! What’s even more
rewarding are the couples who come in together and have found a way to take
care of themselves and enjoy a date night!

Have you found your WHY since joining the beauty industry?

Yes! To provide a skincare experience that blends using plant-based,
effective products along with education to support the customer’s skin care
needs and discovery that aging is truly a gift!

How is Skoah different from other skin care options?

I’ll start with our service approach. While other “facials only” brands
have caught on in LA and New York, skoah (which originated in Vancouver,
Canada) is the first facials only facial shop in Houston. We do facials
really well, because it’s all that we do. And the facial practice at skoah
is non-invasive – no tools – no gadgets, but a gentle, therapeutic
experience that works with the skin – not against it. skoah (always spelled
with a lower-case “s”) is cult-like in Canada. If you embrace what we’re
trying to accomplish here, you soon realize that it’s truly personal
training for your skin. We track your progress by taking very detailed notes
before, during and after treatment about your home care regimen, lifestyle,
diet, environment and make recommendations based on a number of contributing
factors. Because our treatments are customized, the facial experience is
different every time.

Our skin care differs from other brands as it’s still made and manufactured
in Vancouver, Canada since 2003. We have over 70 products – mostly skin care
for all types and conditions – but we do have amazing body products and
shampoo and conditioner, too. You can only buy our proprietary blend of
plant-based products in shop and on-line at; however, I am an
independent, locally owned proprietor of my skoah facial shop and therefore
I benefit more financially when products are purchased directly from me. The
products do what they say they will do or your money back. No questions

We work hard to remove the facial from the beauty to the self-care
conversation. Your skin is the human body’s largest organ. We need to work
at keeping it well – not just having a facial as an occasional indulgence.
This is why skoah Oak Forest offers an affordable “skin gym” membership

How do you like to get involved and engage with the community?

I would love to do more here. I’ve supported local schools through
auctions, fundraisers, etc., but I’m looking for more opportunities to give
back. This will help me answer my internal “why” for getting into this
business. I welcome any thoughts or ideas on how to do more.

What is your background or what were you doing before you opened Skoah?

I worked, just shy of 30 years, for a large engineering company here in
Houston. I managed the process improvement function of our environmental,
safety and health business line. Back in 2018, I was faced with having to
permanently relocate for work to another state and decided to give up my
corporate life for something completely different! I can’t imagine going
back now! I love being a small business owner in the community where I live.
I’m not sure what’s more enjoyable, my less than 5 minute commute or the
opportunity to talk about skin care every day! It’s the hardest job I’ve
ever had, for sure, but it’s the most rewarding!


What does the future look like for Skoah Oak Forest once we are all back up
an running after this crisis!?

Your neighborhood facial shop will be, as it always was, a safe,
immaculately clean, fun space for you to enjoy natural products,
non-invasive service, and amazing customer care. Having said this, we will
definitely not sweat the small stuff going forward! There’s nothing we can’t
overcome and we can’t wait to re-open our doors and provide the best facials
in town again very soon!

You can read more about skoah’s products and how to join their membership plans.

We can’t wait to get our skin gym on after this is all over!


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